Friday, December 04, 2009

IIIII'mmmm Baaaaaccckkk!!!!

I know it's been about forever but we finally got the internet back!! And just in time since we only have 6 weeks left before Addy is due!! Since it's been awhile I'm going to keep this one short and just put up some pics. Enjoy!!

Friday, July 10, 2009


I know it's been awhile, but I like to think that I have a good excuse! It's mainly that I've been so sick I can't even stand the smell of my own house. It doesn't help that my house currently has 4 puppies living in it. I've been doing slightly better and they are now outside in the garage so I am now able to spend some time on the computer again.

California was completely awesome and I'm happy to report that I didn't throw up at all until the plane ride home. I think most from that was from sun poisining though. I fell asleep on the beach and got a pretty righteous sunburn on the back of my legs. Not fun. As good as I felt there I have felt terrible since we got home. I tried going to work two day and threw up both times and got pretty dehydrated. They ended up changing my medicine and I've had to fight with the insurance over that since it's pretty expensive.

Today we had our first ultrasound. It was neat but it was weird too. Just seeing that yes there actually is a little thing inside me was strange. I'm so far along too that there is no question about what is what, it definately looks like a baby. It was movin' around some too. It was just weird lol. But we did get some good pics!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lord Help Us All....

Well, as most of you already know Chris and I are going to have a baby. As of Friday I am 5 weeks. It stinks because the OB I found doesn't see you until 8 weeks and of course he is going on vacation that week!! So I don't have an appointment until June 15th!!! GRR!!! I know it will be here soon, but that is also scary because it is two days before we leave for California which means that will be here soon too!! Once we get some pictures taken we will have to get them up here. Right now I am trying to get the videos of the parents finding out uploaded so that I can put the links on here. But so far everything is going ok and I will definately keep you posted!

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Kelly Says.......OoOoOuUuUuCH!!!

I can't believe I was the only girl in my Motorcycle Safety Class, and the only person to drop the bike!! GGRRR!!!! I was on the smallest stinkin' bike. It was just a little Honda Rebel 250. Earlier in the class I had tried to put it in 2nd gear but it slipped into neutral. We were practising doing u-turns and Chris told me it was easier to do in 2nd gear so I tried and it went into neutral again. So when I tried to power through my turn there was no power and the bike just went down. I tried to catch it and by doing that put my foot in the perfect position to get caught under the pipe and melt a little bit off the sole of my boot, and for the gas tank to come down full force on my thigh. I was so mad cause it was so stupid! There were guys there that had been riding a lot longer than me and kept putting their foot down like crazy! I kept going and passed no problem, but it left me with a lovely souvenir.
The top pic is from Sunday the day it happened, then 2 days later, and today, 5 days later. I think I'm gonna have this one for a while!!

Blessings Until There Is No More Want...

Things have been absolutely crazy in the Chinese Congregation! As of September there was officially a Chinese Circuit!!! Trust me on this, I know what I am talking about. Despite the number of Chinese Congregations, there was no actually Chinese Circuit. There were Chinese Assemblies, but they were always held as a part of one of the New York Circuits and therefore we met at the Assembly hall in Queens, NY. There was no Chinese Circuit Overseer so all visits to the congregations were from the local English circuit and all talks would have to be translated, including talks at the assemblies! Now that we are our own circuit things are taking off!! We now meet at the New Jersey Assembly Hall, also known as THE STANLEY THEATRE!! It is soo awesome! We also have a Chinese speaking circuit overseer. He and his wife were missionaries in Taiwan for many years and therefore are fluent in their Chinese. It was also very exciting to have a personalized needs of the circuit talk. Two of the points brought out were that of the need to not be prejudice with each other. For the Chinese Circuit that mainly applies to dialects. We should not only be close to those who speak Mandarin for Cantonese and let there be a division there. I found that interesting because even I have joked with some native sisters who speak both saying not to speak Cantonese saying that we only speak Mandarin here! The other point was the need for native Chinese people to move out west. One of the first questions a Chinese person will ask you when you invite them to a meeting is how many Chinese people will be there. It's frustrating cause if they came they would make more! Many of them are more interested in being able to go somewhere and associate with Chinese people, and that's fine with us! Once they get there and start listening, that's when it really sinks in. The large majority of Chinese brothers and sisters is in New York and luckily for us we have a connection! Curtis and Karolynn Lewis were assigned to our group last March as Special Pioneers and know most of the brothers there and are workin' real hard to convince some to move out here! Hopefully some with pray about it whole heartily and decide to follow this suggestion :)

The next blessing we received was that as of February 1, 2009 our little group became and official congregation!! It's hard to believe that 5 and a half years ago when I first started this there was only about 5 or 6 other people who went in Chinese service only 1 day a week. I am so glad that I made the decision to do Chinese despite those who thought it was not the best course for me to take. Jehovah has truly blessed my efforts! From the small group that used to go out in service, one is now in China and two are now missionaries in Columbia working in the Chinese field and I have the privilege of calling them my friends! It is crazy to think that this year was our third Chinese memorial! We had 61 in attendance and we have about 30-5 publishers in the congregation! We have been able to meet so many other brothers by having one brother a month come in to give a Chinese talk, usually from the New York area. We truly felt the love of the Central Congregation of Columbus when we become a congregation. Not only did they host our group and help financially support our Advanced Learning Class but when we became an official congregation they gave us a more then generous donation of some $10,000 to start us off!!!!!!! We have been able to us that to help bring in brothers from other areas for talks and also assist our brothers and sisters go to the assemblies in New Jersey if needed.

When the announcement was made about the International Conventions that would be held this year I beg Chris to apply, especially with places like Greece and Trinidad and Tobago. I cried when we were unable to, but realized it was a good decision when he was recently laid off. Needless to say when our Convention assignment was read in January I cried again. The Chinese Congregations are all assigned to the International Convention in Long Beach, CA!!!! Not only was it International, but it was by the ocean like all my choices were and it was in California, a place I have always wanted to go!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! The convention is in Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog (Philippines), and English. It is going to be amazing!! Chris has never flown before and never been to the Pacific so I am excited to get to do both.

Another blessing is that we have been assigned a Ministerial Training School graduate!! His name is Brandon Whitmyer and he is currently living in Oregon, but is originally from North Dakota. He has been here all week visiting. His assignment begins June 1st, but he will be here May 2nd. We are all very excited. He is in his early 30s and has only been baptized for 5 years! He has been learning Chinese for 3 years and gave the most amazing Chinese bible readings I have ever heard! We are all really excited to have him and to have him help us get our congregation off on the right foot!

Oh, forgot the mention our Chinese Territory. I don't know the actually number of territories, but we have 22 counties in Ohio. More or less everything south of I-70!


Well, I can't believe I actually have a minute to sit down and right a post!!! Things have been absolutely crazy here. I've been so busy that I just go to work and come home and crash, wake up around 6 or 7pm eat and go right back to bed! I'm gonna have to spread all that is going on into a couple of different posts.

As seen in the previous comments Ji'e is preggo. She is starting to show alittle, just slowing getting more round, and of course her nipples are getting huge. She and Baili are getting along great, with the small exception of Baili's new toy...We marked down a ton of pets stuff at work super cheap so I decided to stock up to get ready for the puppies and to get the current animals some new toys. There were these rubber balls and these rubber ball shaped creatures that squeaked. I was trying to decide which ones to get and decided to get two of the creatures so that they won't fight over them and the made noise so they would be more fun. So I brought 'em home and was excited to give 'em to 'em so I stand on the other side of the gate and hold 'em behind my back and start squeakin' 'em. Both of the ears just perked up, Baili was so excited and Ji'e looked pretty curious too. So I toss 'em and Baili immediately runs after one and just starts munchin' in it, she was in heaven. They looked pretty happy so I started cleanin' up the kitchen. Baili goes to her usual perch on the love seat and after a few minutes I realized a didn't see Ji'e so I started looking for her and did see her. Then I just noticed a little black nose through the small window on her cage...She was hiding. I called her and she finally came over to the gate watching Baili very closely as she past. Baili paid no attention and continued munching on her new toy. Ji'e was terrified. She wouldn't even look at me was I was talkin' to her. She was had a look on her face like "please, please, make it stop!". Every time Baili starts with that thing she just climbs into our laps for protection. It's hilarious. She hates that thing just as much as Baili loves it! And Baili made out cause now she has two! The next day I bought Ji'e the regular ball but she doesn't play with it a lot cause she's afraid it's gonna squeak at her!

Here's a link to a video of Baili munchin' on her new's hilarious!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Forgot to Mention...

I guess I forgot to tell you her name! Her name is Jewel, but we have renamed her Ji'e 寂娥 (pronounced Gia). It is Chinese, of course, and means Lonely Pretty young woman.

Also, it was so cute the night we brought her home. Baili always sleeps with us, so Thursday night we put Ji'e in her cage and took Baili in our room. Baili kept freakin' out! She wouldn't just lay down and go to sleep, she kept whining and crying so we finally took her out and put her in her cage next to Ji'e's. We had no problems after that! They hadn't even met outside of their cages but she had to be next to her jiejie (older sister). It was so cute!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Our Newest Edition

Our little Baili now has a big sister! Erin may have beaten us to the punch but this has been in the works for about a month now, we just didn't tell anyone :) She is a rescue dog. Her former owner had her in a cage that was too small for her when she was growing and it stunted her growth. She just wasn't being taken proper care of so the breeder took her back. That left her with no home. The other issue was that she was ready to be bred. She had 10 gorious pups last time so they def wanted to breed her, so they did. And we decided to take her in. She and Baili are getting along pretty well so far. They have only had some issues with bones and water dishes, but we are getting that all straightened out. She is adjusting very very well. We just brought her home last night and she already curls up in our laps and loves to cuddle with us. She is small but pure muscle. Her lower point of gravity gives her more leverage to pull. Today we went for a walk at the park of roses and she walks great! Hopefully Baili can learn to stop pulling from her. We have a video up of the two of them playing this morning so check it out!

Monday, February 23, 2009